Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sparkly jewellery....... just window shopping at mo....

WEll, as I am being a little bit cautious with the ol' cash at the mo (spent to much on OOS/ Invite stuff this month - oops!!), thought I would go window shopping for some wedding jewellery!

I bought a wedding mag, and it had a Jon Roberts catalogue thing inside! He has some lovely stuff, and its all very reasonable too! These are my favourites though!

The top one is not by Jon Richards, but is available on vintage wedding!! Decisions, decisions!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Invites..... made them....

Well, I have virtually finished the invites!

I have probably not made enough, but fortunately, I have made a few blank ones that can be either for evening or wedding, phew.

I am currently working on the stuff that will go into the invites, you know, map, list of nearby hotels, gift list (most important!!), travel etc, so its all good.

Only thing is, now I have made them, I am not sure if they look a bit cheap and rubbish??!! I probably should of just had them made......... still, H2B thinks they are smashing!???