Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Outfits for the boys...... but what about me???

We went to a well known hire shop on monday and managed to sort out the groom's and groom-party suits!!
They have gone for the classic morning coat, sans top hat but with the striped trousers:

H2B has gone for a silver waistcoat that initially, i didnt like and thought it wouldnt look right, but when he put it on with the suit, it looked amazing:

We have decided on this for the Best Man and the Usher :

Dad has gone for a white waistcaot with small silver swirls on it similar to this one (they havent got his actual one on the website yet!)

I then came home and ordered the cravats and tie from www.thecravatcompany.co.uk - H2B and my dad will be in Emerald green, with the boys in Leaf green, and i am hoping it looks smashing together!

My dad very kindly paid for the suit hire, then gave us a fat wad of cash on top!! I was really amazed and grateful, but very overwhelmed as they havent got much money and it was really generous! Still, he wouldnt hear of us refusing or accepting it as a loan, so...... THANKS DAD!!!

So, thats the boys sorted.... .great, but i feel a little left out? My mum knows what she is wearing, and has it, H2B's mum also has her outfit, so its just me and my MOH's left with nothing to wear!!

I saw this lovely dress in Coast : (http://www.coast-stores.com///coast/fcp-product/2224682945#GBP)
I emailed both MOH's - one replied back virtually straight away saying she loved it, but i havent heard anything from the other one (are you surprised???) so thats an option.

As for me, well, nothing. I still feel to fat to go looking, but there is a part of me that is beginning to panic that i havent found anything yet? I know i have over 11 months left, but it seems everyone is ready except me and my MOH's?? I know that sounds really selfish, and of course, the marriage is the most important thing, but the dress is one of the main talking points isnt it?? And i cant bring myself to go and look. Thats probably cos of what happened the last time i went, and partly cos i am still heavier than i would want, but even so...... its not a helpful feeling!!

I feel a little resentful i guess and i am sure that will fade soon enough, but its still weighing on my mind. I have booked an appointment for October - hopefully i will have lost some more weight and be feeling a little more positive about things... I know there are some shops i can just walk into and try things on, so maybe i shall have to do that if i happen to be feeling more positive one day!??!

Still, at least I know the boys will look smart!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scary.... in more ways than one!!

Well, thats it.... its now official!!

H2B and I went over to the local registry office and gave notice on Monday!!
We were both intereviewed seperately and it was scary!! The woman seemed ok - a little bit dizzy but ok.
When Shane went in, he managed to forget my birthday - typical!! But the woman was ok as he got the right month and year and was only 1 day out!!

I didnt realise though that the Bride's father's name goes on the certificate and gets entered into the marriage book thing - i was horrified as I dont want him any near my day! Luckily, the registrar was happy to enter my (Step)Dad's name so its all good!!

After our single interviews, we went back in together. She said our music and readings were fine, and said a little more about what would happen on the day. She gave us a pack and a form to fill in and then we paid and that was that!!

So, its official. We are getting married on 13.8.11 @ 14.30!!

After the registrar, we went out for lunch to celebrate. Its funny, but i thought giving notice would make me feel that things were a bit more real, but it hasnt. It still doesnt seem real - like its happening to someone else? I dont think it will seem real until the actual day? Dont get me wrong, i am excited and everything and really pleased we have got the ok and everything is all done legal wise, but i thought it would make more of an impact??

MAybe it will hit home when i chose my dress & flowers???? Here's hoping!! Still, only 11 months and 26 days to go!!


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hello again!!

Well, I cant believe its been so long since i last updated my blog - bad girl!!

So, where are we now? Well, its less than 12 months until the big day (I know,where did that time go???????) and so far:

I have managed to lose 15lb - thats over a stone!! Great, but i still have a long way to go yet! I am conscious that I need to begin looking again for wedding dresses and that I am no where near my target size! Hopefully, I will have lost another 10 lb before my first appointment in October - thats the plan so I best knuckle down and get back on the old cross trainer eh??

I have made an appointment with a couture boutique for the 8th October - I think this will be my first appointment following the previous disaster - I am hoping it restores my faith in bridal shops. I dont think i will be able to afford a dress from here as they make them to order and my budget is quite small, but i am hoping that their customer service lifts me enough to go to other shops. I have email a lot of shops in my area - the feedback from them has been mostly positive - a couple of shops say they dont stock anything over a size 16 but am welcome to come and see the dresses (is there much point if i cant try them on???), but the others seem ok. I have made a list in order of preference as to which ones i want to go to first...

Onto other news - I emailed my MOH's about dresses for them - one of my maids, Mandy, replied back within 4 days, the other hasnt and its been about 5 weeks now. I know she has a lot going on right now, but i need to know so we can book a date to get them together so we can go and have a look. Luckily, the dresses that Mandy said she likes are the same ones i like, and they are within the budget so thats lookiong promising. Hopefully, my other maid will come good soon - if needs be i will see if she thinks being a MOH will be too much for her with everything thats going on, in which case, i will increase the moh dress budget and just have Mandy. Will keep you posted. This is the dress we prefer:

We have also bought our wedding rings!! H2B got his from H. Samuel after deciding he didnt like the original one from Tesco (I know - Tesco do rings!!)!! Its heavier and obviously better quality than the Tesco one, and he says its comfortable and he is more likely to wear it (I know - WTF??? You WILL wear it!!LOL!!). Mine had to be especially made as my E ring has a shaped band.

We went to Roux Jewellers in Southampton, and they were lovely. They had templates of different band shapes as they recognised that a lot or rings (wedding and otherwise) are shaped and this saved a lot of time, and money in helping people to get a ring. So, we tried on some different shapes, and although none of the templates fitted exactly, one fitted in 4 places which i was happy with and so was David, the jeweller. I asked them to make it in 9ct white gold (to match my e ring), and flush set it with 3 diamonds on the head of the ring...... they said they could do this and it would take about 3 weeks....

2.5 weeks later, i had a call to say the ring was ready and i could come and collect it. I travelled back into Southampton, and picked up H2B's ring, then went and got mine. Well...... i nearly cried when i saw it and put it on! Its simple and elegant, and exactly what i asked for! Here it is:

We are going to see the registrar tomorrow and make it all official - we have provisionally booked the date with them, so tomorrow we are giving notice - woop woop!!

We have also chosen the menu for the day - we are going to have goats cheese, asparagus and something tartlet to start, follwoed by roast pork with calvados sauce, followed by white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake - yummy!

We are also going to go over and hire the suits next week so that will be all done.

We still have lots to do yet - get the dresses, flowers, gifts, cravats etc etc, decide on the honeymoon, finish the order of services and table plans and place names and menus, and of course, pay for everything!!

Still, with only 12 (sorry, 11months and 29 days to go) - I am sure we will make it...... maybe!!!