Monday, 25 April 2011


So, with just under 4 months to go, things have taken a turn for the worst!

On top of beginning to stress over the things I have yet to finish (place cards, table names, menus, evening invites), and those things I have yet to sort (gifts for the new usher, gifts for the mums, favours), and people I need to see (florist, venue coordinator, photographer), and the fact that I am no where near my ideal size 14...... 2 marriages collapse around me! Yes, not 1, but 2!!

The first marriage is that of one of my MOH's. They split about a fortnight ago as he said they weren't able to communicate, she has a temper and it was just not working. I was really sad about this, but am now feeling quite angry towards him as he is laying all the blame at her door. He says she basically cant control her temper, and that she needs to change for him to consider coming back.
Now, yes, she does have a temper, and yes, she does need to sort it out and control it, but he is no where near perfect. He is a little shifty at times and secretive, and if he doesn't want to talk about something, he wont.

Neither of them are perfect, no, but it takes 2 to argue and work on a relationship.
He is also saying that he is still going to come to the wedding.. really?? And you made that decision did you sunshine?? Sod what the bride and groom think or feel then eh??
I need my MOH to be supportive and there on my W day - not feeling upset, distressed and worried that she is going to see her sort of ex? I don't wish to be mean or unsympathetic, but it is my special day, and I need to focus on what it means to me and my husband to be? Hopefully though, they can work it out, and if they cant, then we will have to tell him that he cant come to the ceremony & reception, but is welcome to come to the evening.
I don't know him as much as I know her, she is my MOH and plays an important role.

The other marriage is that of my brother! I am not too sure what the issue is there - seems he is another one that's being a bit shifty, but she is being too clingy so its a bit of a mess. I cant see them working things out - so that will make the guest list interesting.
I would still like her to come, but I know how uncomfortable she might feel if she did.

I don't know, the timing couldn't be worse really. There we were merrily planning our day, and thinking it would be H2B's family that muck it up for us, and it would seem that isn't the case.... although the majority of them still haven't booked any flights/ accommodation... but that's for another day when I need a moan..