Tuesday, 6 April 2010

OOOO... new shoes????

Another loooong delay since my last post, but I have had nothing to report... until now!!!

I ordered some shoes about 8 weeks ago - a long time to wait, but the shoes are unique, in that I designed them myself!

Well, sort of! I had decided to go for green sparkly shoes (kind of like Dorothy's in 'The Wizard of Oz', only in green), but I couldnt find them anywhere. I posted on a wedding forum about my dilemma, and someone told me about a woman who makes them.

Her name is Rachel, and she has a website www.bespokebigday.com, where you can chose and design your own shoes!

I went on there, and found, to my eternal joy, that she could do something similar to my 'dorothy' idea. I told my fiance what I was planning as I began having second thoughts as to what the shoes might look like. To be honest, I was beginning to have my doubts as to whether they would look ok or not, and he agreed and said maybe all over green glitter would be a bit much??

Sooo, i went on bespoke and found that I could design a pair and have a different coloured heel... so I designed my own and they arrived today!!

Here they are::::

Hello wedding fans!!

I think maybe they would of looked better with a higher heel, but as I am already 2 inches taller than my fiance, I didnt think that would be a good look, and i want to be able to wear them all day!! They have good non slip soles as well so I wont be skidding on the dance floor!!

I am wondering about getting some shoe clips for the front to jazz them up a bit... maybe try and find a shamrock or something!!

Anyway, I love them, they are dead comfy and I cant wait to wear them!! My first wedding outfit purchase!!!

How amazing!!