Friday, 11 December 2009

Photographers and wedding cars..

Well, its been a while since I blogged, but that's because I haven't done much in terms of wedding lately!!

However, I have had a couple of appointments with photographer's!! The first one was with a husband and wife couple...

They seemed OK, if a little posh, but the wife was OK. Things were going well, I was most impressed with their work, their style and albums and the fact that they were totally flexible in what I wanted and l asked. We began talking about the venue, and they asked me if we had looked at a certain hotel, which we had. I replied that we had indeed, but found the price too out of our budget at 8K, not including drinks. To this, the husband then said, 'oh right, well, if that was out of your budget, then we will be too..'....... WTF????

So, I quickly assessed how I should play this - I could go, 'you're right, I wont waste your time' and leave, or I could be unfazed and let them go through their 'sell'..... I chose the latter!!!

They proceeded to give it the full power of sell - telling me what, how etc etc, I played the role like a star, nodding, agreeing, mildly disagreeing, saying what I would and wouldn't want etc..

Then they told me how much the prices would start from - £1800 to over 2K!!!

They were right, it is out of our budget.... but so far I haven't confirmed with them yet.....

The second photographer was much cheaper...

When I first met him, h2b wasn't in, and the photographer proceeded to tell me what he did, how he did it and what he thought. He also told what I would and wouldn't be doing on the day...... hmmm, and there was me thinking it was our day......

H2b then arrived, and we all had a discussion together.... the photographer then left, and hb was quite impressed. I told him what the photographer had been saying prior to his arrival, but h2b thinks he was just over passionate and enthusiastic....

Hmm, but is it right that a photographer tells you not to look at any of your relatives as you walk back down the aisle after the ceremony? Or that I should have as many bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys etc as possible as it makes a better photograph? Or that the groom party should have 1 best man and at least 2 ushers and that they should all be wearing the same?? Or that I should wear a bold colour as I had 'strong features' and would be able to carry it off?? (WTF?? Strong features - whats that mean??), but that my dress couldn't be too silky or shiny???


Anyhoo, we have a further 2 photographers to see - one Sunday and hopefully another one Thursday so we should have chosen one by next Friday!!

On another note - I have booked my cars - well, sent the form off and waiting for them to tell me how to put the deposit down?

My car is this one:

The MOH will be travelling in this:

Exciting eh????

Of course, I am still making the invites - I have done the wording for the inserts, just waiting for h2b to book the registrar so can confirm the time!

Think that about all for now!!

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