Sunday, 20 December 2009


Well, the photographer has been booked!!

I met with a really nice one that's quite local -

The guy, Joe, was really nice, not too fussy in terms of what he does, but not too chilled that I thought he was going to have to be told exactly what to do!! Only thing is that he is over our budget by about £150, but then, if he gives us what we want and how we want it, then its worth it!! I discussed it with h2b, and he say yes!! Am really relieved now we have the big 3 booked - cars, venue and photographer!!

Oh, and h2b also booked the registrar, so the ceremony is booked for 2.30pm on the 13.8.11!!!! Very exciting - can barely contain myself!!!

On a bit of a down note though - have not stuck to my diet for the last 2 weeks due to colds (i go rid of one, then 3 days later, i have another one!) so have been comfort eating....

Also, have been looking at wedding dresses online, and nothing has took my breath away except one by Alfred Angelo, which my local bridal shops don't stock, and its now not even on his website!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!

Hopefully my mood will life when i get rid of this snotty and sore nose, then I will probably love every dress I see!!!!

The perils of being a bride to be!!! But i love it!!

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