Saturday, 30 January 2010

First go at wedding dress shopping...

Well, Monday I went along to a local bridal shop to see what was available, and gain my first experience of it all...... disappointing is the word I would use!!

The lady in the shop began by asking what I wanted, and picked out about 6 dresses to try. I then was shown through into the back area of the shop and tried on the first dress. Not only did I feel really exposed in just my underwear, but the dress wouldnt go over my hips!! We managed to get it on over my head, and it looked quite nice. I didnt get that 'this is the one' moment,though :-( I was pleased though with the shape the dress gave me, and doubly so as it was one i had seen online, and didnt like the look of!! Its much better in real life!!

I then tried on another one, and well, i felt like i was being sucked in and a large hard pole shoved down my back as the style was so restricting! However, it did make me walk straighter and the detail on the back was amazing! Again, i was not blown away by it thought.

I showed the lady in the shop the picture of my dreanm dress, and she said it was lovely, but unfortunately, as i was short in the body, the boning would be uncomfortable and would be too long for me. Gutted!!

Although she had put out a few dresses, i only actually tried on those 2! She was very helpful, and when i said that i was planning on losing weight, and that my wedding wasnt until next august, she suggested that i forget about wedding dresses until later in the year as i would have lost weight and would have more of an idea of my shape, and there would be more dresses for me to try on.

I was gutted about the whole day really. It seems that designers only send samples of dresses in size 12/14, so that restricted what i could try on, and also discovering my dream dress wouldnt work on me was heartbreaking. I had no idea that dresses were so heavy though!! I could not believe the weight of them - definately need to work out a bit more to be able to wear one of those all day!!

I have decided not to bother looking again until june time, hopefully by then i will have lost at least 1 stone (some hopes!) and will be in a better frame of mind!

I am sure that my dress is out there somewhere, and its good to know that there is a dress that suits me, is nice and fits me just down the road,so i still have a sort of safety net..... but.. when I see so many gorgeous dresses around, I cant help but wish i was a size 12 with loads of money........
God, what a depressing post this is....

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