Monday, 25 January 2010

Where we're at...

Its been a while since my last blog, but what with Crimbo, New Year and being ridiculously manic at work, I/we havent had time to do much wedding-y stuff. That, coupled with the fact that every time I approached h2b about anything remotely wedding related, he pulls a face, makes a commment or switches off!!

The last time we did anything wedding related, up until yesterday, was the 31st December when we went to look at the suits....

After much deliberation, h2b has chosen to wear proper morning dress, with an ivory and silver wasitcoat, and probably with a dark green cravat.....

Dad is going to wear the same, but with a plain ivory waistcoat and dark green tie..

The bestman and usher will be wearing the same, but with ivory and green waistcoats, and pale green cravats or ties (we're not decided yet!)

The bridesmaids will then wear either dark green dresses, with pale green sashes, or pale green sashes with dark green accents..

I have sent away to a company for some fabric swatches and to see if they can match our ribbon to a tie/cravat, then we might use that for h2b's tie, but i think we will probably go with 'hunter' green....

I had also thought of having sparkling green shoes under my dress (think wizard of oz ruby slippers, but in green) and searched across the web for some, to no avail, until i was told about

They can do my ideal shoe!! I asked h2b what he thought, as i was beginning to have a few doubts as to whether i should or not, and he thought they would be too loud, which i had though of anyway, so, i have decided on ivory shoes, with just the heel in sparkling green glitter!! They will be expensive, almost £100 including delivery, but they have to be worth it!!

I am also off wedding dress shopping today - i have an appoinment with a local shop today, and one with a different shop wednesday.. i will tell you about that one, and the saga with the dress at another time.

I am looking forward to trying some dresses on, as it will make it all seem real and provide me with more incentive to keep losing weight (have lost 4lb so far), but nervous as i dont like exposing my body to others. still, got to be a small price to pay eh?? My mum will come with me, and hopefully one of my matrons of honour will come too, provided she can wangle time off work. I wonder if they will let me take piccys of the dresses if i cant choose? Having said that, they do say that the dress picks the bride, so we will see....

Will keep you posted, speak to you soon!


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