Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scary.... in more ways than one!!

Well, thats it.... its now official!!

H2B and I went over to the local registry office and gave notice on Monday!!
We were both intereviewed seperately and it was scary!! The woman seemed ok - a little bit dizzy but ok.
When Shane went in, he managed to forget my birthday - typical!! But the woman was ok as he got the right month and year and was only 1 day out!!

I didnt realise though that the Bride's father's name goes on the certificate and gets entered into the marriage book thing - i was horrified as I dont want him any near my day! Luckily, the registrar was happy to enter my (Step)Dad's name so its all good!!

After our single interviews, we went back in together. She said our music and readings were fine, and said a little more about what would happen on the day. She gave us a pack and a form to fill in and then we paid and that was that!!

So, its official. We are getting married on 13.8.11 @ 14.30!!

After the registrar, we went out for lunch to celebrate. Its funny, but i thought giving notice would make me feel that things were a bit more real, but it hasnt. It still doesnt seem real - like its happening to someone else? I dont think it will seem real until the actual day? Dont get me wrong, i am excited and everything and really pleased we have got the ok and everything is all done legal wise, but i thought it would make more of an impact??

MAybe it will hit home when i chose my dress & flowers???? Here's hoping!! Still, only 11 months and 26 days to go!!


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