Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Outfits for the boys...... but what about me???

We went to a well known hire shop on monday and managed to sort out the groom's and groom-party suits!!
They have gone for the classic morning coat, sans top hat but with the striped trousers:

H2B has gone for a silver waistcoat that initially, i didnt like and thought it wouldnt look right, but when he put it on with the suit, it looked amazing:

We have decided on this for the Best Man and the Usher :

Dad has gone for a white waistcaot with small silver swirls on it similar to this one (they havent got his actual one on the website yet!)

I then came home and ordered the cravats and tie from www.thecravatcompany.co.uk - H2B and my dad will be in Emerald green, with the boys in Leaf green, and i am hoping it looks smashing together!

My dad very kindly paid for the suit hire, then gave us a fat wad of cash on top!! I was really amazed and grateful, but very overwhelmed as they havent got much money and it was really generous! Still, he wouldnt hear of us refusing or accepting it as a loan, so...... THANKS DAD!!!

So, thats the boys sorted.... .great, but i feel a little left out? My mum knows what she is wearing, and has it, H2B's mum also has her outfit, so its just me and my MOH's left with nothing to wear!!

I saw this lovely dress in Coast : (http://www.coast-stores.com///coast/fcp-product/2224682945#GBP)
I emailed both MOH's - one replied back virtually straight away saying she loved it, but i havent heard anything from the other one (are you surprised???) so thats an option.

As for me, well, nothing. I still feel to fat to go looking, but there is a part of me that is beginning to panic that i havent found anything yet? I know i have over 11 months left, but it seems everyone is ready except me and my MOH's?? I know that sounds really selfish, and of course, the marriage is the most important thing, but the dress is one of the main talking points isnt it?? And i cant bring myself to go and look. Thats probably cos of what happened the last time i went, and partly cos i am still heavier than i would want, but even so...... its not a helpful feeling!!

I feel a little resentful i guess and i am sure that will fade soon enough, but its still weighing on my mind. I have booked an appointment for October - hopefully i will have lost some more weight and be feeling a little more positive about things... I know there are some shops i can just walk into and try things on, so maybe i shall have to do that if i happen to be feeling more positive one day!??!

Still, at least I know the boys will look smart!!

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