Thursday, 25 November 2010

More shopping.....

Yesterday, myself and my MAtrons of Honour, C & M, went shopping for their dresses. We booked an appointment in the shop where i bought my dress from, but I said that if we didnt find anything in there, we could go and look in other shops until we found something. It was also going to be the first time C & M would meet....

So, went around to C's, and we drove over to pick up M... C seemed a bit nervous, but seemed to relax as she realised M was lovely. They actually had a lot in common and seemed to get on really well.

We arrived at the shop, and we looked at some pictures of dresses - luckily, both girls wanted full length dresses. I said I would be happy for them to have different styles in the same colour as they are too entirely different shapes.

We selected a few to try on, and so the fun began...

We quickly discovered that shiny satin wasnt doing anything for them (does it do anything for anyone???), and narrowed it down to 2 dresses:

This one:

or this one:

C was a bit unsure of the 2nd one, but she looked great in it. She preferred the first one as I think she felt it disguised her lumps and bumps more. We said the dress was a little tight on her, and that her actual dress would be less figure hugging but give her a better shape. M loved the dress, and secretly, I wanted it too as it was similar to my wedding dress. But, I wanted the girls to make the decision themselves, so remained neutral.

C then tried on the first dress, and fortunately, decided she actually didnt like it as much as she had done before - result! I paid the deposit and thats it - dresses are ordered. We are having them in the Emerald colour which will match beautifully with the chaps cravats, and will look amazing in the photos - I cant wait am really excited!!

I have had to ask the girls to tone down their boistorousness though - the shop owner was ok with it (and the fact they were swearing a little), but she said the seamstress would be a little offended. Hopefully they will take note. We go back next year for measurements before we order, then they will have their first fitting 5 weeks before the day, then if another fitting is needed, it will be the week before, but the girls can arrange that for whenever it suits them.

Really happy, and I know we will all look fab!!

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