Sunday, 31 October 2010


After rechecking with the shop, it seems i have actually NOT chosen the above dress!!! In fact, i have chosen this one:

the confusion arose as the shop renames the dresses, and doesnt actually tell you who its by! When i investigated, i realised it was actually this one! I love it, and am doubly pleased as it is by my favourite designer (Alfred Angelo)... and was one i picked from his site as a favourite!1 I get sooooo excited when i see it - cant wait to put it back on in february!!

I have made an appointment to go back to the shop in November with one of my matrons... i ahve asked both, but as usual, one is being really keen and positive, whilst the other is severly lacking. I know the she has a lot on her mind at the moment, but an enthusiastic text, or something would really mean a lot.

I have made a decision that if, after christmas, she hasnt changed, and is still a bit difficult to pin down, then i will have a chat with her and ask her if she feels its too much and needs to step down? I want someone there who is excited and helps me, rather than someone who just drifts about a bit and only occasionally gets involved. Fortunately, my other matron is just what i need and gets almost as excited as me! I think if the other one does decide to step down, i will just have the one matron, and spend a little more on her dress and gift.

Will keep you posted about this though!!

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