Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dilemma's, solutions and disappointment for someone.......

Well, with only about 7 months left to go, I thought I had better go and sort out some flowers.

I trawled the internet, and found a fair few florists and checked out their sites, and got estimates from them.

I narrowed it down to 3 florists. Florist A was my first choice - I got a good vibe from their site, and their prices were reasonable. Florist B was the same one my sister in law used when she married my brother, so I knew the flowers were good. Florist C was my 'bogey' florist! I had bought some flowers from her before, and thought that she was a bit snooty, but I had heard some great things about her, and seen some of her work in a local wedding mag. I also contacted another florist, but when I told her my budgt (which is fair and not entirely unmanageable!), she asked if that was just for my bouquet and the MOH's, when I said it was for everything, she went very quiet, then proceeded to say that if I only wanted the 3 bouquets and buttonholes, I 'wouldnt be over by much'.... not happening love as I need the budget to cover all the bouquets, the buttonholes, registrar table centre,, throwing bouquet & thank you flowers!! Needless to say, she was soon of my list of potentials!
Right, so I went to florist C - they were closed as it was a wednesday, and half day closing for them. Ok, next!
Florist A - I got a welcome reception from Steph, and she listened to my ideas. She was really helpful, and seemed to 'get' what I was saying. She didnt try to direct my in any way, but guided me and was really enthusiastic. A good result, but I didnt want to make a snap decision. She wrote down everything, and said she would send me an estimate in the post.

I made an appointment with florist B for few days later.
Florist B - the appointment was really productive, and although she didnt have the flowers I want to use in her shop, she had some similar ideas in a portfolio and we looked through them. Her work was brilliant, and she wasnt as snooty as I first thought. She accepted what I wanted, and seemed to know what woud suit and what wouldnt. However, there were a few times when I was explaining things and using her pictures to demonstrate, but she didnt listen and carried on with what she thought would be best. Hmmm...

The appointment lasted about an hour and 10 mins, and I came away feeling very torn between the 2. I decided I would have to wait for the estimates..

The estimates arrived, and after a bit of tweaking with the one from Florist A, the prices were in...
Neither florist had managed to obtain any info about a special rose I am interested in - the 'green eye' rose, but they both promised to look into it. Estimates in, and there was approx £9 difference between them!! AARGGHH!!

Not wanting to make a hasty decision, I mulled it over for a couple of days. Fiance was supportive, and said he would stand by whomever I chose. Friends tried to offer advice, but ultimately, I had to decide.
I went back over the meetings and feelings I had about them...the vibe I got. Still nothing, so I made a list of positives and negatives for each.
Florist A - listened, enthusiastic, non corporate (i.e. not with interflora), accessible, rapid response, experimental
Florist B - experience, artistic, easy to get to, large portfolio

Negatives -
Florist A - Experimental, less experienced, laid back
FLoris B - charges for delivery, didnt listen, overrode some of my ideas, a little on the pushy side, didnt feel as comfortable with her..

Decision made - it has to be Florist A!

I went down this morning, and walked into the shop - I saw the owner preparing a shower bouquet and it looked gorgeous, and she was really warm and knew me ('ah, the green eye roses') even though I hadnt dealt with her. I saw Steph, and asked if we could book her. She was really pleased and enthusiastic, and I knew then I had made the right choice!

I paid a deposit, and left feeling really happy! I cant wait to work with her and see my thoughts become a reality!
This is her website:!

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