Saturday, 22 January 2011

Gutted, H2B very upset...

I have been on night shifts for the last 3 days, so havent seen H2B until today.
Something wasnt right with him, and he told me whats up...

He had a call from our usher, Conal... he cant make the wedding. :-(

Conal works as a sailing teacher for a charity that teaches underpriviledged children how to sail. He has asked his boss for the weekend of the wedding off, and his boss, after discussing it with a more senior manager, has said he cant take the time off. Basically, if he does, then he wont have a job to return to.

We are both gutted, and H2B is very upset. Conal would of been brilliant at the job, and is the perfect foil for H2b. He is chilled out and calm, and would of stopped H2B from getting too worked up - he would also have diffused any tensions, and looked fab in the photos!

We are both devastated. I am clinging onto a small shred of hope that something will change and Conal will be ableto come, but I think thats a desperate hope.

We now have the dilemma of trying to find an alternative usher. It has really dampened our planning, and we will miss him awfully at the wedding.



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