Wednesday, 2 February 2011

RSVP stress!

What is it with people?? We sent our invites out at the beginning of January, asking people to RSVP by 14.2.11 if they were in Ireland, or by 5.2.11 if they are in the UK. We know we have still got a couple of weeks left, but we have had approx 8 RSVP's back!!!


Out of 32 invitations!! what is is with people? Of those 8, 7 of them are people that we knew would be coming as they are family - i.e, my aunty, my cousin, H2B's nan, H2B's mum, my cousin in law and H2B's uncle. The other 2 are friends of ours!

We cant understand why people dont want to just get it sent and out the way?? Why do people take so long?? We have also heard that one of H2B's uncles might not be coming as they hae booked a holiday for that month, despite them knowing when we would be getting married BEFORE they booked it!!!

On top of the whole Conal thing, we are a bit cross. Is it too much to ask for people to say yes or no??

Obviously it is........

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