Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Its done...........!!!!

Well, I had an appointment today at a bridal shop about 1hr away from me....
Cant say i was really looking forward to it as i thought that i wouldnt be able to try anything on, that they would be horrible and that i wouldnt find anything i liked.

How wrong was i???

First of all, it was really easy to find the shop, and parking was absolutely no problem at all. The woman was a bit scatty, but pleasant enough. She seemed to have a wide range of dresses and wasnt pushy at all.
We went upstairs and she was really good with me being so self conscious. She passed a dress through and although it was nice, it didnt move me. Another dress came and again, it was lovely, but not me. A 3rd dress... and once i saw it in on me, well, i burst into tears..... guess thats the one then??

I tried on another 2, one was also lovely and is my second choice if something goes wrong with the first one. The final dress wasnt to my liking at all! She then asked me if i wanted to try on the one i loved... so i did, and it nearly made me cry again so i know its the right one for me!!

Deposit paid!!!

I feel so much better now - it was nice to see something that looked lovely on me, and i didnt want to criticise myself when i wore it, so its got to be pretty special eh? Its quite simple, but the detailing is amazing. The top of the bodice is covered with clear sequins, diamontes and small pearl like beads, which then scatter over the ruching and onto the a- line skirt. Its a lace up back, and the beading goes all down the side of the lace up.

I have ordered it in ivory, but this is the dress in silver as on the website of the designer (ALice James) :

I love it........ but now i am having wobbles about whether its special enough!! Thats probably cos its the most i have ever spent on a dress and its only natural!The woman was scatty, but totally lovely. She never made me feel ashamed of my size, or flab, and was really friendly without being over bearing.

Have booked an appointment to go back in Feb and get measured...... will need to go back before then and take my girls as they have got some lovely dresses in the emerald green colour for them to try on!!! xx

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