Saturday, 21 November 2009


I have decided to make our wedding invites as although I am not the most artistic of people, with the stuff thats available now, and the fact that I have a good eye for colour, I thought I would give it a bash. It would also save us a fortune, and also be much more personal!

So... i drew up some ideas, showed them to h2b and we settled on a design.

Basically, we have a ribbon along the crease of the card, then a banner at the top, then 2 doves holding 3 cream roses with a small charm hanging from the stem of the roses.
So far I have made 8, and am pretty pleased with them so far. Ok, so they might not look uber professional, but they are personal, and have character, so its all good!!

I shall put some coloured card on the inside, with cream paper over that with the text on it, so I think it will look quite pretty. Once they are finished, I will put them up for you to see....

All we need to do then is to decide who we need to invite....... joy!!

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