Monday, 23 November 2009


Not a bad weekend... we had a family celebration so h2b managed to tear himself away from work for a bit!

Also managed to have a quick chat to parents, Aunty and h2b about various wedding bits!!

Parents have offered us a lot of money to help with the wedding, but its coming from their retirement money, so I didn't want to accept the full amount and appear ungrateful. I came up with asking them to pay for the wedding cars as a first instance, with the proviso that if we needed more money, then we would ask them to help. I am hoping that we wont need to, as it was our choice to get married, and mum and dad have done so much for us that I felt mean taking their money off them. I hope I managed to explain why, without offending them. I don't want them to feel that they are not involved or included as they are, I just don't want them to use all their retirement money on our wedding. Still, I think they were happy with paying for the cars - that will probably come to about £500 anyway, which is less than they offered, but still a hefty sum.... with the option of giving us more if needed.... hopefully everyone is happy!!

My Aunty has agreed to make our wedding cake, and bless her, will not accept a penny for it!! She is going to make a 3 tier one - bottom tier will be fruit, top 2 will be Madeira as neither of us like fruit cake!! H2B and I have decided to have a spray of flowers on the cake rather than a bride and groom, so I think that will look lovely!!

H2b and my dad have talked about the suits for the wedding, and they are planning on going to look at some/ get fitted in January.. that way we can probably save some in the sales, and we have enough time to send them over to Ireland for the best man & usher to try on... result!! H2b is a little concerned though as dad keeps threatening to wear lime green check suit.. LOL!!

We have also agreed on table names... obv we will have the top table as it is, but the others will be names after famous romantic couples, and we will have their pictures and quotes around them. Should stop any bickering as to who is more important in terms of table numbers anyway!!!

Well, that's all for now, off to make more invites and research the couples!!

bye all

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