Friday, 20 November 2009

the venues

We decided a few saturdays ago to go venue hunting....

We made a list of potential places and decided to go visit 5 of them. We hated one on sight, ruled out another once they told us their ridiculous criteria, and eliminated another one, as although it was lovely, was too modern for what we wanted......

It left us with 2 choices, which there was very little to choose between them.

I liked one in particular, TCH (abbrviated to prevent any bad luck as not confirmed yet!) and another one TLPH (againm just in case).
We liked aspects of both, each had their own qualities and so, it basically would come down to which was going to be cheaper.

We had quotes and TCH was more expensive.... I was gutted, but tried not to let it show. I then contacted TCH and said it was unlikely they would be our venue as their opposition had come in with a lower price.... to which they then lowered their price and threw in some extras for free, which meant they were lower in price and better value....

After discussing thei with h2b, he was still undecided, and wanted to see both venues dressed for a wedding. However, neither venue had a wedding on until Dec/ Jan, and I was worried we would lose the venue..... I tried to remain neutral, and was torturing eveyone at work with my dilemma..

I want it to be 'our' wedding, not 'my' wedding, and did not think it appropriate to tell h2b that i really wanted TCH and sway his decision.... i was in agony for weeks...

Anyway, we had my folks over the other evening, and when they were there, h2b pipes up that he wants TCH!!! The one I want!!

I was shockedm happy and a little bit cross!! I had been on tenterhooks trying not to sway him, and alll along he wanted the same one i do!! Yes!!

We are off to see the financial adviser on the 30th of this month to see if we can get a remortgage to finance our wedding, and if we get the ok, we can put the deposit down.. then i can tell you lovely people where we are getting hitched!!!

Fingers crossed it doesnt get booked before then.......... and the FA say yes!!!

more soon..

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